Tirana Transportation


One living in Tirana would spend most of his/her time in the area between the artifical lake and the train station. This area hosts a lot of social areas, business facilities and state offices. So, most of the time, it is possible to go to the target destination by walking. Most of the time, walking is faster than taking a vehicle.

Public buses are common. The distance between bus stops is usually quite long. There are a few lines. Tirana e Re and Unaza lines make rings. The price is quite low, around 30 leks (approximately 25 Euro cents). The payment must be made by cash inside the bus to the ticket seller. The entrance to the bus is through the back door and medium door. Front door is used for exit. Most people use any door for any purposes, though. The buses stay a few minutes at the bus stops. This might be annoying for the one who is in a hurry.

Taxis are easy to find. The licensed taxis are recognized by their yellow plates which are white on private cars. Most of the taxis are big Mercedeses. There is no taximeter. The price is negotiated either before getting into the taxi or while leaving the taxi. The writer of these lines, strongly recommends the reader to negotiate and fix the price before getting into the vehicle. Usually, the taxi drivers would ask a higher price from the foreigners. Especially if it is a group of foreingers, they would triple the price. It shouldn't be surprising to see the taxi driver doesn't know the way to your destination. No matter what your destination is, or no matter if they now or not, they might say they know how to get there. To prevent big confusions, it would be helpful to know about a landmark close to the destination. The cost of a taxi trip is approximately between 400 and 600 leks (3,5 to 5 Euros) inside Tirana.

Some hotels might help you to contact alternative transportation means instead of a licensed taxi for a day long assistance. It is a good idea to ask the hotel staff for contact information if transportation for a full day is required.

Travelling by private cars is common. However, non-existence (not the price, non-existence) of parking space is a big problem in the downtown, especially in the bllok. Shopping centers, which are usually away from the downtown, provide parking space.

Hitch hiking in Tirana is not common.