Things to do


Mountain Dajti is one of the atraction points in Tirana. It is possible to go there by car. The mountain hosts many restaurants and cafes. The path to the top of the mountain has a spectacular view.

There are many places to enjoy on Elbasan road. The most famous one is Blur. At Blur it is possible to play bowling, there is a big open air cafe, nice toys for kids. Many places on Elbasan road provide swimming pool. So it is common to go there during the summer. There is also an ice skating rink.

Durres is just half an hour away from Tirana by car. With the beautiful and long coast it has, it is another attraction point for the summers. When it is not summer, it is not uncommon for people to spend time (maybe weekends) inside their summer houses.

There is a Lunapark at the junction of Rruga Elbasan and River Lana. It is very enjoyable for kids and their parents.

There is a 2 floor bowling place below Taiwan cafe.

The archaeological museum at Nene Theresa Square is very interesting and welcoming visitors with unique pieces. National museum is located at Skenderbej Square.

Tirana is the host city for the strongest soccer teams in Albania. Almost every week-end, there is an exciting soccer game. It might be interesting to see the show of the Albanian soccer fans during the games. Moreover, Albanian National Soccer Team plays the official games at International Qemal Stafa Stadium. This is a good opportunity for the one living in Tirana to see international soccer games alive.