5000 lek front

5000 lek back

5000 lek
Skenderbej portrait, two-headed eagle and Skenderbej's shield and sword on the front side. The Kruja Castle, the sculpture of Skenderbej on the horse and his helmet on the back side.

1000 lek front 1000 lek back

1000 lek
Pjeter Bogdani's (1625-1689) portrait on the front. The Catholic Church in Vau i Dejes and Pjeter Bogdani's (1625-1689) vision of the heliocentric system on the back.


500 lek front

500 lek back

500 lek
Ismail Qemali's (1844-1919) portrait on the front. Ismail Qemali (1844-1919) is the leader of the Albanian National Movement and first prime minister of Albania. The house where independence was announced (the house is in the city of Vlora), and the telegraph used for transmiting the announcement on the back.

200 lek front 200 lek back

200 lek
Naim Frasheri's (1846-1900) portrait and a book on the front. The house where Naim Frasheri (1846-1900) was born and the phrase taken from the poem "You, Albania, bestow upon me honour and the name Albanian" written by him.



100 lek front 100 lek back 100 lek
The value on the front. Illyrian Queen, Teuta's portrait on the back.
50 lek front 50 lek back 50 lek
The value on the front. Illyrian King Gent's portrait on the back.
20 lek front 20 lek back 20 lek
The value on the front. Liburn ship on the back.
10 lek front 10 lek back 10 lek
The value on the front. Castle of Berat City on the back.
5 lek front 5 lek back 5 lek
The value on the front. Eagle of Albanian flag on the back.
1 lek front 1 lek back 1 lek
The value on the front. Pelican bird on the back.