Tirana Flights


The major local airlines companies are Albanian Airlines and Belle Air. It is possible to fly to almost all Italian cities by Belle Air. Albanian Airlines covers a wider geographical area from London to Antalya. The local companies do not have intercontinental flights.

Tirana is one of the biggest cities and tourist destinations in South East Europe. It is the main hub for the Balkans. This makes it attractive to many big carriers. Turkish Airlines, Alitalia, Malev and Austrian Airlines are the major international carriers. The wide range of connecting flights provided by these companies make Tirana very easily accessible. British Airways and Lufthansa also fly to Tirana but they are not used as common as the companies mentioned in the preceding sentence.

It is also possible to find inexpensive charter flights during the summer since the Rinas Mother Teresa Airport is between Tirana and Durres which has a long and beautiful coast.

The transportation between the airport and Tirana is quite convenient. The road is in good condition, usually it takes less than half an hour, and the cost is around 2 Euros by bus, 20 Euros by taxi.