Compulsory education in Albania is 9 years.

There are many universities in Tirana. Some of them international, some of them national. This brings a big number of young students from other cities to Tirana. Many private universities have been opened during the recent years. Some of them, for example University of New York Tirana, have foreign support.

Even though Tirana is not a huge city, surprisingly the education opportunities are quite diverse. International universities are common in most big cities all around the world. What makes Tirana different is the fact that, there are many international schools before university education like high school and/or secondary school especially compared to the size of the city. Among these, Turkish and Greek schools are the most widely known schools.

Many Albanian students go to Italy and Turkey for university education. Since most of these students return to their home after the graduation, the possibility of meeting Albanian business people with excellent Italian, Turkish and/or English -written, spoken, formal, informal- capabilities is quite high.