Tirana Shopping


As Tirana grows in population and the city integrates to the western world after a 45 year communist regime, the shopping habits are also evolving. Every other day shopping culture becomes more western.

There are a few shopping centers that were built after 2005. Quite a few of them are also under construction. It is also common to shop at Turkish style bazaars.

The major shopping centers are Qendra Tregtare Univers (QTU), European Trade Center (ETC), Casa Italia and Kristal Center. Qendra Tregtare Univers (QTU) and Casa Italia provide transportation free of charge from Skenderbej Square. It is also possible to get the paid bus to Casa Italia and Kristal Center at Skenderbej Square. It is possible to go to European Trade Center (ETC) by walking in about 15 minutes with an average walking speed.

Qendra Tregtare Univers (QTU) is located on the express way between Tirana and Durres. The distance to the city center is about 6 kilometers. It has got a big super market, 3 coffee shops and many other shops which is common to see at shopping centers making it a good spot for people with medium income level. Casa Italia, another shopping center a few kilometers away from Tirana on the express way between Tirana and Durres, is the place to find goods produced in Italy. Most (if not all) products sold are produced by Italian companies. Kristal Center is the only shopping center with a movie theatre. It is inside the city but not in the downtown. European Trade Center (ETC) which probably is the most visible business landmark in the city is in the heart of the city, next to the Lana River. It could be the place to have a coffee and/or see some textile/fashion products.

The Turkish style bazaars are also a must see for a tourist in Tirana. There are quite a few of them. The biggest one is on Rruga Ferit Xhajko, close to the Hospital (Spital Nene Teresa). The suitcase trade between Turkey and Albania could be observed by naked eye in that bazaar. Another bazaar is next to the Train Station. It is a good place to see daily shopping habits of the Albanian Culture. The Pazar i Ri at Avni Rustemi Square is an excellent spot to buy fresh food.

Ali Demi is the place to see / buy goods for household items such as mirrors, heaters, bathroom accessories etc. It could be the place to buy something for low budget.