How to get to Tirana?


Tirana is located right next to the Adriatic Coast. It is not on the coast, though. Durres, which is the biggest port of Albania is just 36 kilometers away from Tirana. This makes Tirana accessible through the sea.

By Boat

It is very convenient to get to Tirana through the sea. There are quite a few sea lines companies which provide transportation between Durres and some Italian ports such as Ancona, Bari and Trieste. It is possible to get the distance between Durres and Bari in about 3 hours. The tickets are also affordable for medium budget travellers. After getting to Durres, a short bus trip which is about half an hour would be made between Durres and Tirana. At the end of approximately 4 hours' journey, one who leaves from Italy could arrive Tirana. It is possible to get a train from Durres to Tirana, however it is not very convenient unless an adventure is being looked for.

By Plane

Just like the other popular cities all around the world, Tirana is accessible also by airlines. The Rinas Mother Teresa Airport which was renovated in year 2007 is the most frequently used airport in the country. The airport is located in the town of Rinas which is between Durres and Tiran. Once arrived at the airport, one could either take the Rinas Express bus or a taxi to the Tirana city center. Rinas Express is not very frequent. On the other hand, it is quite affordable with a price around 2 Euros. Taking a taxi would cost less than 20 Euros. If the airport taxis are taken, the price is fixed and clear. If other taxis are taken, it is strongly advised to negotiate the price before getting into the taxi. Airport taxis are easy to recognize with a red sign on a grey body. Rinas Express bus takes the passengers to the spot which is known as Piazza which is next to the major landmarks such as Tirana International Hotel, Skenderbej Square and/or Opera. Leaving from the city center to the airport could be done by taking the bus at the same bus-stop. It is also easy to find a taxi around the bus stop, so it could be recognized by a first comer as a safe departure point to the airport. Travelling between the airport and the city center usually takes less than half an hour, unless something like an accident which blocks the traffic, or purchase of gas for the bus happens.

By Bus

The other common way to get to Tirana is by bus. Tirana is the major hub for the country. It is possible to find a bus or a mini-bus from all major cities of Albania to Tirana. The biggest bus stop is next to the train station at the end of the big boulevard. There, it is possible to take the buses to Durres. The mini-buses from Tirana to Elbasan can be taken next to the European Trade Center behind the Pyramid. The mini-buses towards Korce can be taken behind the Stadium Qemal Stafa. Bus is also common for international transportation. It is possible to get direct buses from Tirana to Athens (Greece), Thessaloniki (Greece), Prishtina (Kosova), Skopje(Macedonia), Sofia(Bulgaria), Ulcinj (Montenegro), Istanbul (Turkey). Regarding long distances, it is possible to find buses to Germany, and to some Italian cities through ferries.

By Train

Getting to Tirana by train is also possible. The train station is in the city center, at the beginning (or the end) of Boulevard Zogu I. The train is a little slow and does not provide a very high travelling standard. It could be a very nice and enjoyable experience for the adventurous traveller.