Tirana Hotels


Tirana is one of the biggest cities and tourist destinations in South East Europe. It is the main hub for the Balkans. This makes it attractive for the tourists.

There are many hotels in a very large scale of size. It is possible to find both very small hotels which are easily affordable or upper class hotels which provide the comfort demanded by business people.

The biggest hotel in the city is Tirana International Hotel. The building remained as the highest building (15 floors) in the country for a very long time. For the moment, it is the second highest building. It provides spacious meeting rooms for business meetings.

Rogner Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and Hotel President are the other up class hotels in the city. All three hotels are located very close to each other and to the office of the prime minister as well as the office of the president.

For better affordability, a search on the internet is suggested since it is impossible to mention the names of all the mid class hotels the number of which is hundreds.

Even though not very common, it is possible to rent clean, silent apartments to stay for short term. The prices would be around or less then 30 Euros per night.

Most hotels don't provide internet connection. There are many internet cafes which could be accessed very easily. Connection at internet cafes in Tirana is usually satisfactory.

It is common for the hotels to have a restaurant. Mostly, pasta and pizza is served at the restaurants of the hotels.